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At BKIND, respect is at the heart of everything we do.
We strongly believe in respect for ourselves and the body as a whole. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to provide a beneficial action for your skin. We believe in the power of plants and that is why we always use the best natural ingredients in the composition of your skincare.
Another of our core values ​​is to offer you the most effective and high quality body products. For this reason, all our moisturizing products do not contain water! In fact, the water contained in the products dries the skin and reduces the effects of the other ingredients. At BKIND, transparency is required; we invite you to take a look at the list of ingredients of our products without hesitation!
We are also committed to the respect of the environment: this value leads us to undertake several daily actions respectful of the planet.
At BKIND, all our jars and packaging materials are recyclable.
Over the years, we have put on the market a range of bamboo accessories, a fully compostable material. This resource is very easy to regrow after harvest, even in the poorest soils, making it a renewable resource and making our accessories greener.
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we work with the delivery company LVM, which delivers our orders by bike in Montreal.
BKIND also believes in responsible consumption: we use fair trade coffee for the composition of certain products. This coffee comes from the Montreal-based company Café Rico: Established in the Plateau-Mont-Royal for over ten years, Café Rico is the first 100% fair trade and organic coffee brewery in Quebec.
Finally, we have animal welfare at heart: BKIND is and will always be a company without any form of cruelty.
We regularly collaborate with several organizations that fight for animal welfare such as SAFA, Refuge-RR or the Montreal SPCA, in order to give them a percentage of our sales and thus help them to help our furry friends!


 - Our history -
BKIND is the fruit of a founder passionate about the power of plants, animals well-being and the importance of the quality of skincare.

Marilyne Bouchard BKIND

Marilyne Bouchard, recipient of a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in microbiology, has been developing her own body products for a long time. Having always had a very sensitive and reactive skin, Marilyne soon realized that the products found in pharmacies and large stores did not suit her skin at all, which pushed her to lean towards natural ingredients to quickly realize the power of them on her skin.
BKIND was born in 2014 and is the result of the combination between this interest in natural cosmetics and the founder's knowledge acquired during her studies in microbiology.
 The best ingredients in the best recipes with the greatest benefits for you; that's what we want to offer you and what we promise you for the future.
Since 2016, the visual of the products is created by Camille Forcherio, designer and co-founder of the company Mimi Hammer.
Since December 2017, we have opened a boutique in the Old Port of Montreal. There is where our ideas are drawn from, where our projects come to life and where our team is ready to give you personalized advice on all our products.
- Our mission -
Our mission is to promote the power of plants through quality body products, made from natural ingredients and with respect for everything around us.
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